Maximize Efficiency with Keysmart's Integrated CMMS Solution

Streamline Workflows, Reduce Downtime, and Boost Productivity

Maximize Efficiency with Keysmart CMMS

Keysmart CMMS is designed to transform the way you manage maintenance operations. Our integrated platform provides everything you need to schedule, track, and optimize maintenance activities with ease. From real-time asset monitoring to automated work orders, Keysmart CMMS helps you reduce downtime, improve productivity, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Experience the future of maintenance management with Keysmart's innovative CMMS solution.

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★ Real-time Analytics

Gain instant insights into your business performance.

★ Customizable Dashboards

Tailor your ERP system to your specific needs.

★ Robust Security

Ensure your data is protected with top-tier security measures.

★ User-Friendly Interface

Easy to use and accessible for all team members.

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At Keysmart App, we aim to provide a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that sets the standard for performance, reliability, and innovation. To achieve this, we chose to integrate Oracle’s leading-edge technology into our platform. Here’s why Oracle is the perfect partner for our CMMS system

Why Keysmart Chose Oracle for Our CMMS System ?


Oracle's advanced technology powers Keysmart App with superior performance, ensuring quick access to vast data and real-time analytics. This leads to faster, more efficient maintenance responses and seamless scalability.

Security is crucial, and Oracle’s top-tier framework safeguards your data with encryption and secure access controls, meeting global standards like GDPR and HIPAA.

With AI and machine learning, Oracle enables Keysmart App to offer predictive maintenance and automated workflows, optimizing schedules and reducing downtime.

Oracle’s global network ensures consistent, reliable performance and low-latency access worldwide. Their 24/7 support minimizes disruptions, ensuring smooth operations.

Oracle's trusted technology, serving leading businesses, forms the backbone of Keysmart App’s CMMS system, providing customers with confidence in its strength and stability.

What You Get with Our CMMS

Project Management

Procedure Relationship

Procedure Manpower



Facility Management




Consumable Products

Condition Based

Condition Monitoring

Assets Installation

Asset Operations

AI Assistant

Work Order Failure


Safety Checklists


Property Management

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