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The best system for maintenance and operation of public utilities, assets, energy, logistics, buildings, equipment and machines

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Unlimited Reports

You can create endless customized number of reports to get the most out of your business


Now it's possible to manage all your business operation using one system


Our developers can customize the system to best satisfy your business needs

Manage smart assets, Observe & track maintenance using only our system

Intelligent asset management, monitoring and preventive maintenance in one platform Get the most value from your assets with key smart application. It is an integrated cloud-based platform that uses analytics to improve performance, extend asset lifecycles, reduce downtime and reduce costs.


We are the pioneers of CMMS, EAM and APM systems

As your business needs to change and continue to grow, Take advantage of the best application for maintenance, operation, and workflows to speed up completion. Optimize and automate asset management and maintenance to improve operational performance. Customize operational action plans to guide teams to achieve optimal performance, Boost the ROI of assets with performance analytics

unlimited cloud services unlimited cloud services

unlimited cloud services

Cloud services our system offer is unlimited

Cloud Database
Unlimited storage
High quality service
Unlimited reports
Backup for your data
customization upon request
Suitable for all areas of support and maintenance

Best CMMS, EAM and APM system

With Key smart application, you will have access to an easily customizable CMMS, EAM and APM system, along with ease of use and management, as well as an optimal user experience with shared data and workflows.

Create efficient, reliable and sustainable facility operating plans

Key smart application analyzes historical and real-time data to determine asset integrity, forecast imminent failures, plan maintenance and state-based schedules

Maintaining good condition of machinery and equipment and ensuring good performance

Increase the life span of the assets

Monitor the costs of various projects

Reducing downtime

 Reducing the occurrence of malfunctions and the consequent economic and financial losses

 Meet compliance, safety and security standards

key smart application meets the needs of all kinds of industries and fields of maintenance and operation

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