Why Key Smart Application?

Decrease Costs & time

Increase efficiency

Increase Quality

Best CMMS, EAM and APM system

Automated Process customized for different business needs, easily integrated with other business softwares.

Now it’s possible to save time, decrease expenses, increase quality & prevent stop your Service .

Preventive Maintenance

Key smart Apps preventive maintenance schedule helps you organize and prioritize your maintenance tasks so that a maintenance technician can create the best working condition and life span for the equipment. By conducting regular preventive maintenance, you can ensure your equipment continues to operate efficiently and safely.

Work Order System

Use Work orders to manage your maintenance operation.and attain the power of your team. use Our work order system for maintenance, repair, or operations work that needs to be done. Included in the work order is all of the information pertaining to a maintenance task and outlines the process for completing that task.

Facility Management (FM)

Preventive maintenance gets the most value from your Facility, gives organizations the power to manage their entire repair and maintenance program from a web-based dashboard. Our software is designed to help businesses save time and money by properly managing their buildings, assets, and occupants more efficiently & effectively.

Asset Management

Optimize and automate asset management and maintenance to improve operational performance. Boost the ROI of assets with performance analytics

Process Automation

New technology to automate complex business processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency and transparency, communication across departments, and processing speed.

Ticketing System

Support All Users With Service Portal, Chat & Mobile App. Reduce Cost & Time. Streamline & Organize Tickets By Different Mediums In One Place using our system

Set up users

You can manage each user permissions

Create new users 

delegate new tsks to each user & more 

Define Facilities and Assets

Keep track of all your business assets 

manage maintenance schuedules & much more 

Design workflow workflow

Keep track of all your business assets 

manage maintenance schuedules & much more 

Manage Workorder

Manage work order of each employee

delegate tasks and keep track of process activities

Observe progress

Observe work orders to your employees. 

easily filter data to track progress.

Measure Productive


Measure productively for your employees. 

easily filter data to track velocity.

Ticketing system

A powerful ticketing system, Customized for any business requirments.

it can help your business manage processes effeciently & provide support for your business

Key Smart Application Modules

Allow system to create service ticket, schudele tasks for each employee & Track processes.

Allow system to create Corrective ticket.

Allow system to create Preventive ticket.

Discuss Module

Assets Operation is allowed

Assets installation is allowed

Consumable Products Module

Facility Management Module

Project Management Module

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