Medical Equipment Management

Streamlining Healthcare Operations for Optimal Patient Care.

Key Smart APP is an advanced Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) specifically designed to streamline maintenance activities and optimize asset operations in medical facilities. By simplifying the management of medical equipment, Key Smart APP aims to elevate maintenance operations, bolster equipment performance, and amplify overall operational efficiency in healthcare settings.

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Our experts will closely understand your system and customize the SMART KEY APP CMMS to perfectly fit your requirements.

Key Features of

Smart Key App CMMS for Medical Equipment Management

Equipment Management

Efficiently track and manage medical assets, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Automate routine inspections and maintenance tasks to minimize breakdowns and extend equipment lifespan.

Work Order Management

Streamlines the process of handling maintenance or repair requests, ensuring timely completion of tasks.

Inventory Management

Maintain an organized inventory of spare parts and supplies, ensuring quick access to necessary items.

Mobile Accessibility

Provide on-the-go access for maintenance staff to view work orders and update job statuses, improving communication and efficiency.

Smart Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor equipment performance in real-time and receive alerts for potential issues, enabling proactive maintenance.

Documentation and Reporting

Maintain comprehensive records and generate detailed reports on system performance and maintenance activities.

Energy Management

Monitor and optimize energy usage of medical equipment, contributing to sustainability and cost savings.

Integration with Healthcare Information Systems

Ensure seamless communication and coordination with other healthcare management components.

Training and Certification Tracking

Ensure all staff members are properly trained and qualified to operate the system effectively.

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