Public Facilities Management

Optimizing Public Facility Operations for Enhanced Performance.

Key Smart APP is an advanced Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) designed to optimize the management of maintenance activities and asset operations in the field of public facilities management. This cutting-edge system streamlines operational efficiency and simplifies overall maintenance processes, making it an essential tool for maintenance, operation, support, and management services in diverse public facilities.

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Our experts will closely understand your system and customize the SMART KEY APP CMMS to perfectly fit your requirements.

Key Features of

Smart Key App CMMS for Public Facilities Management

Asset Management

Maintain a comprehensive inventory of physical assets, including detailed information for easy tracking and prioritization.

Maintenance Scheduling

Automate the planning and execution of routine maintenance tasks using predictive algorithms and historical data.

Work Order Management

Efficiently handles reactive maintenance, repairs, and service requests with a user-friendly interface and real-time status updates.

Space Management

Optimize space utilization with advanced allocation algorithms, heatmaps, and occupancy tracking for better efficiency.

Environmental and Safety Compliance

Ensure adherence to safety, environmental sustainability, and health standards with a regulatory compliance module.

Vendor Management

Manage service contracts and monitor vendor performance to maintain service quality and streamline operations.

Sustainability and Energy Management

Monitor energy consumption, implement eco-friendly practices and track sustainability initiatives for cost savings.

Technology Integration

Utilize an integrated platform for managing assets, work orders, space, and other public facilities management processes, with IoT integration for real-time data.

Reporting and Analytics

Access comprehensive performance metrics and trend analysis for informed decision-making and operational improvement.

User Support and Training

Provide training programs and helpdesk support to ensure effective system use and address user queries.

Security and Access Control

Manage access to different areas and monitor security through surveillance systems for a secure public facility environment.

Budgeting and Cost Control

Develop and manage budgets for public facilities management activities, with cost tracking for financial transparency.

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