Heavy Equipment Industry

Maximizing Operational Efficiency and Performance.

The Key Smart App CMMS is your ultimate solution for streamlining daily tasks and simplifying maintenance and operations in the Industry 4.0 landscape. Our system is designed to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and optimize asset performance. With its user-friendly interface accessible across various mobile devices, the Key Smart App CMMS ensures smooth operation and flexibility in management.

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Reduce downtime

Our experts will closely understand your system and customize the Key Smart App CMMS to perfectly fit your requirements.

Key Features of

Smart Key App CMMS for Heavy Equipment

Facility / Asset Management

Streamline the management of your assets to ensure efficient operations.

Work Order Management

Simplify the process of submitting work requests, tracking work orders, and carrying out maintenance work.

Preventive Maintenance

Set up automatic PM scheduling and utilize our drag-and-drop calendar and workflow template builder for clear and efficient preventive maintenance.

Condition-Based Maintenance

Implement maintenance strategies that respond to the actual condition of your equipment.

Spare Parts Inventory Management

Manage your spare parts inventory effectively with features like item tracking, inventory visibility, and supplier management.

Maintenance Insights

Gain valuable insights with our dashboard overview, automatically generated reports, and custom dashboard builder.

Mobile Application

Access Key Smart CMMS on the go with our mobile app.

Sensor Integration and IoT

Enhance your maintenance strategy with integrated sensor technology and IoT, providing real-time data and maximizing ROI.

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Unlock the power of simplicity with a key smart application. Streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and elevate your success.

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Thousands of possible automated processes are right in your hands, to optimize your profitability, and increase efficiency & quality. Manage process & maintain tracking daily of each small detail. Analyze data & see the big picture clearly, Fortunetly we are here to help your business make the right decision & reach its potential. Automated processes are now easier than ever.