Mobile CMMS: A Simple Mobile Software Will Improve maintenance management

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We all have smartphones, so why not use them in our industrial maintenance? A mobile CMMS may be the answer. You can manage maintenance from anywhere and anytime when you can access a CMMS mobile.

Now with mobile CMMS software, you no longer need to be tied to a computer to manage jobs with a desktop-based CMMS. 

It would be best if you had a CMMS with mobile-friendly software to have many benefits that will improve your maintenance. 

You’ll be able to follow this article to learn more about mobile CMMS software‘s other benefits.

Mobile CMMS: A Simple Mobile Software Will Improve maintenance management

About CMMS Software

Computerised maintenance management software CMMS is a computer program designed to manage and track equipment maintenance within an industry or organisation. 

It is used to optimise the mechanisms of working in huge industries, and it has many types, but in this article, we will talk about mobile CMMS, which we can use in our phones to benefit from its options. 

CMMS software has many features to help manage maintenance, such as device management, maintenance management, plant safety management, Inventory control, purchase cycle, cost management, and performance indicator.


What is mobile CMMS Software?

Mobile CMMS software is an application you can use on your smartphone or tablet to manage your maintenance operations. So you can use it from anywhere. 

Your personal “mobile” sets it apart from traditional CMMS software that also takes over the maintenance management functions of your business.


However, CMMS mobile is inspired by the latest advances in new technologies and the mobile applications we use daily for basic things. For example, Mobile CMMS software will use big data to provide users with analytical tools based on data collected from thousands of anonymous teamwork working on the same machine. But you will use mobile CMMS to track your industry and maintenance.

In addition, it is a proper social network-based solution that allows maintenance technicians and machine operators to exchange information and share problems. 

This applies to internal communities within a company or industry group and users of other entities.

After all, even if you are an inexperienced person, you will find it easy to use as any other application you usually use on your smartphone daily.


Features of Mobile CMMS Software

The ideal mobile CMMS software helps maintenance teams by providing essential features that make their work easier and get the job done faster depending on the database collected by CMMS software. So a perfect mobile CMMS software should have the following key features:


Work orders Management

Mobile solution software can control and create work orders, add comments, and complete work orders to confirm job completion.


Create a work request

Team workers can use CMMS to enter specific equipment issues in certain jobs and submit them as work requests to be stored on a database. 

Now CMMS solution software can help workers to solve those problems in the future.


Planning and managing maintenance jobs

With Mobile CMMS software, you can get a comprehensive overview of all maintenance activities and easily create and manage schedules to track them from anywhere and at any time.


Asset Tracking

This feature also tracks assets in real-time, including location, status and repair history.


Benefits of Mobile CMMS Software


Collect Real Time Information

As a mobile CMMS user, you can quickly enter and analyse data such as work hours, parts used, error codes and downtime. 

Counting, adjusting, collecting and evaluating safety data is all the responsibility of mobile CMMS.

One of the main benefits of the CMMS mobile app is that technicians can send and receive all the information they need about work orders in real-time.


Increased Efficiency

The CMMS mobile increases enterprise efficiency by automating work orders, maintenance schedules, inspections, and data collection. 

This will save companies lost time on administrative tasks and save more time for production activities. 

Furthermore, this efficiency level can lead to higher profits and a competitive advantage in the market.

Boost CMMS Mobile Adoption Among Maintenance Technicians

More Accuracy

Many manufacturing operations depend on maintenance management software to improve job accuracy. 

A mobile CMMS only gives them better accuracy than they want. 

Instead of writing down or remembering work orders when leaving the office, technicians can use their mobile CMMS apps to view information when they arrive on site. 

And you should not be worried about your data anymore.


Ability to work online and offline

A mobile CMMS allows companies to solve work problems by enabling employees to access the system even when they are offline. 

With CMMS mobile, you can work from the office or home. Furthermore, it provides the ability to open, create, manage, and close work orders remotely.


Improve Communication

A mobile CMMS allows companies to communicate and collaborate with team members anywhere and anytime quickly. 

All data are related to maintenance operations and can be managed centrally. 

This feature will be beneficial for multinational companies that have employees all over the world.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Mobile CMMS also benefits customers. Ensuring that devices are properly maintained and kept up to date helps businesses improve customer satisfaction by tracking customers’ previous experiences, avoiding previous problems, and improving the following experiences. 


Manage Costs

The CMMS mobile helps companies reduce costs by streamlining maintenance tasks and improving resource utilisation.

This means businesses can save money on repairs or replacements and labour costs.


Maintain Safety

A mobile CMMS can help improve your organisation’s security by ensuring that your equipment is well-maintained and in a good working environment. 

Additionally, this level of proper maintenance reduces accidents and injuries and improves safety compliance.



We live in the era of smartphones and computerised technology, depending on mobile technology in all aspects of business and life. So, It is time to use mobile CMMS software for your businesses! 


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