Gain control and security – Try CMMS Work Order Management Today!

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A CMMS work order management system is a powerful tool for streamlining business operations and ensuring that assets and resources are managed to the highest standards. It is designed to provide an automated workflow that helps to coordinate and manage work orders, enabling businesses to stay on top of their maintenance and repair needs. With a CMMS work order management system, businesses can track and manage work orders from start to finish, ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and to the highest quality. From tracking inventory and scheduling staff for maintenance tasks to managing repairs and reporting on asset health, a CMMS work order management system can help businesses to maximize their resources and optimize their operations.

this blog discuss work order types and how a Computerized Maintenance Management System can be employed to facilitate preventive maintenance.

Gain control and security - Try CMMS Work Order Management Today!

Eliminate Paperwork and Streamline Work Order Management with CMMS!

Work order management is the system through which requests are made to repair, rebuild, or replace tools or assets. This is an integral component of any organization’s regular maintenance program.

Such orders can be generated in response to customer queries, internally, or after an evaluation or audit.

Outdated paper-based and spreadsheet-based systems are being replaced by CMMS work order systems. Manually entering data each time a work order is made is a lengthy and tiresome task, which is why a more straightforward system, such as CMMS, is being employed.

This solution offers a consolidated database in the cloud that can be accessed at any time and from any place. With this system, everyone is working with the same up-to-date information and no one is left behind.


The features of CMMS Work Order Systems

To comprehend the relevance of CMMS work order systems, it is essential to be aware of the features of this system and how it can boost the maintenance management activities of any organisation. This system has a personalisable dashboard, making it possible to view and develop maintenance order forms, oversee work requests, and review essential metrics. With the various features of CMMS work order systems, you can stay on top of your maintenance duties.


General maintenance list

The system has a general overview of all ongoing maintenance tasks and quickly sorts and links to related work requests and tasks. 

This centralisation of maintenance operations speeds up day-to-day tasks.


Immediate notification

CMMS work order system sends immediate, automated notifications via email or SMS for scheduled maintenance work orders that need your team’s attention. 

It also schedules reports for easier work order management and real-time visibility into numbers for all stakeholders as required.



The Maintenance Connection mobile app allows technicians to easily access important documents, update work orders, check parts availability, and respond to requests. 

CMMS systems with this feature not only reduce paper waste but also shorten emergency response times and reduce errors and costly inefficiencies.


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance orders are essential for organisations seeking to ensure equipment effectiveness and extend their assets. 

Preventative maintenance work orders allow users to manage and identify the materials, parts, and labour required to complete the work within the specified timeframe. 

CMMS work order systems will enable the user to schedule regular maintenance of tasks.


Smart duplicate checker for work orders

One of the essential features of the CMMS work order system is that it can integrate multiple versions of the same work order in circulation. 

This innovative duplicate checking process can reduce errors and costly rework and increase the reliability of your maintenance management system.


Reactive and Emergency

A reactive or emergency work order is generated when an equipment or asset failure creates a hazardous environment or a critical asset requires immediate repair. The system records and tracks work orders that have yet to be planned.


Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting helps you track metrics and identify preventative maintenance needs. 

You can view metrics, work order history, device usage, and inventory costs. This information helps maintenance teams answer questions and streamline operations. 

The system can also provide specific reports, such as work order status reports and asset history.



You can connect your ERP or IoT applications with CMMS API software. 

The best CMMS work order system integrates with your existing systems to capture, analyse and act upon all data, making your old data safe. It also can be merged with the new data.


CMMS Work Order Management System Benefits

1. Ensure Compliance

CMMS solutions help maintenance departments comply with regulatory and industry audits. 

The system maintains a searchable record of all maintenance activities and easy access to important information about a specific asset. 

It also keeps your employees compliant with training and certification.


2. Your Information is safe

By automating maintenance records, work order software simplifies audit preparation. 

No more searching for misplaced papers or sifting through spreadsheets with outdated information. 

Instead, the CMMS is the single source of truth for maintenance programs, with all activity documented and electronically time-stamped for easy retrieval during an audit.


3. Increase efficiency 

You don’t even have to think about the technical side of project management. CMMS work order systems will create projects, assign work orders, add documents, and track projects from a single source of truth. 

So, the efficiency and productivity of your organisation will improve and increase.


4. Save Costs

Utilising a CMMS work order system will help to reduce unnecessary downtime and maintenance spending. 

It allows work orders to be processed quickly, maximising productivity and efficiency while minimising expenses. 

This will result in effective maintenance teams and higher equipment uptime, providing a quick return on investment.


5. Preventive Completion

Many features of CMMS work order systems, including mobile capabilities, complete work order documentation, automatic notifications, and digital signatures, make it easier than ever for technicians to complete work orders on time.



Maintenance is the best way to increase the value and longevity of your organisation’s assets.

A CMMS work order management system will ensure that maintenance operations are performed as efficiently as possible. It can also help to reduce unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs.

But to be successful, you first need to determine what type of facility or asset you need to maintain and then map out the tasks necessary for that specific area. Once you know your maintenance needs, it’s time to find the right software solution for your business.

Choosing the right CMMS work order management system for your business means you can spend less time managing and more time working. It also means that you can have peace of mind that your assets are being correctly maintained while you’re away.

At its core, CMMS is an automated workflow solution that documents and manages the maintenance of assets and resources. This system has a personalisable dashboard, making it possible to view and develop maintenance order forms, oversee work requests, and review essential metrics. With the various features of CMMS work order systems, you can stay on top of your maintenance duties.

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