CMMS Trends: Maintenance management software trends in 2022

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The increasing demand for CMMS software among small and big organisations has increased the need for CMMS and affected CMMS trends in the market. 

CMMS software has advanced trends in maintenance management to adapt to an industry and to be ready for the next generation of maintenance activities. 

So, what are the CMMS trends in 2022, the marker options, and where can you find the best solutions for your industry? Read on to learn about the CMMS software market trends in 2022.

CMMS Trends: Maintenance management software trends in 2022

How does the evolution of the industry affect the CMMS Trends growth?

According to the CMMS market reports, the CMMS maintenance market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2020 to 2026. 

This growth is fueled by shifting from traditional historical management methods to modern management maintenance software and technology to meet the massive technological development.

Some factors affect the CMMS market growth, including:

  • Increasing investment in big infrastructure projects with a significant need for a maintenance management system.
  • Increasing compliance regulation around safety, health, and security.
  • Increasing asset-intensive industries which need a CMMS for asset maintenance.
  • The overall technological development in all industries encourages companies to improve their asset management operations.
  • Manufacturing still needs more skilled workers, especially service technicians. So companies need CMMS software to do more jobs and activities.
  • AI and IoT (Internet of things) have changed how machines collect and interpret data. CMMS solutions should keep up and adapt their software to this new Industry technology evolution. 


CMMS Trends in 2022

Technology is rapidly changing society as a whole and the business environment. 

Key manufacturing trends include digitisation, 3D manufacturing, mobile technology, and more.

Computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) are now an integral part of the manufacturing industry.

CMMS software will continue to adapt to major technological trends. 

Here we take a look at the major technology trends we see in the CMMS market:


1. Mobile CMMS still rising

mobile cmms

Mobile CMMS Trends has been around for a while, but we can expect it to expand in 2022. 

Mobile CMMS was quickly becoming essential, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, but now more and more businesses realise how valuable a tool can be.

The availability of affordable mobile devices drives the growth of mobile CMMS. 

Mobile tools provide streamlined, real-time data collection directly from the source, available to use from anywhere and at any time. 

This accurate and timely data flow helps businesses make smarter and correct decisions. 

Furthermore, with 5G networks coming online, we will see more innovative applications of mobile technology, 3D models and streaming diagrams.

CMMS Trends 2023 | Future of Computer Maintenance Management

2. Reliability has to be raised

Maintenance was completely dependent on availability. Automated data collection provides greater transparency into mechanisms and metrics related to device performance. 

Technological advances in condition monitoring have made data availability and integration more seamless.

Computer models that can process these vast amounts of data and recognise patterns are used to predict failures and improve reliability. 

So, reliability should be the new measure due to the power of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


3. Inventory management has to be improved

CMMS inventory management

Improved inventory management is one of the latest advances in maintenance management. 

CMMS technology makes it easier than ever to manage parts and inventory. 

Maintenance managers and technicians can use a robust CMMS software solution to know which spare parts are needed for which machines, the timeframe in which machines are expected to need component replacement, etc.

Better inventory management will reduce inefficiencies, faster item transportation, and decrease costs. In General, it will improve maintenance management.


4. EAM is Old Fashion

In the 2000s, when company networking was something new and primitive, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) emerged at the turn of the 2000s as a new trend referring to multi-site architecture and asset lifecycle views. 

EAMs began competing with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for survival, becoming increasingly difficult and requiring complex implementations. 

CMMS is now gaining popularity by integrating all these features.

Advancements in the cloud, multi-tenancy architectures, and big data have enhanced CMMS software. CMMS has changed with Industry 4.0 technology.

Swap Body Market Size Set For Rapid Growth from 2023 to 2030 | by Charlie  Jenkins | Medium

5. Information becomes the focus

Businesses need to recognise the importance of data. Work needs information, not just summaries. They initiate downstream actions based on established business rules. For decision-makers, it’s not looking for data. It’s looking for information.

It must be comprehensive, visible, and trustworthy to have valuable data for your organisation. 

This is where many companies continue to struggle. Some companies believe their data strategy is on par with their competitors, but others believe data is critical to their growth.


6. AI and IOT are the languages of 2022 

Due to the impact of AI and IoT on CMMS trends, CMMS software leverages intelligent technology that can perform labour-intensive tasks, taking the guesswork out of maintenance schedules for customers and staff. 

As such, these devices are the future of our world. They are in almost every industry, especially those that use machinery.

CMMS software empowers plant and maintenance managers, transforming their jobs from cost to profit. 

This includes predictive maintenance and analytics for real-time asset management decisions. 

The machines become intelligent and can monitor themselves and send real-time data to administrators to prevent unexpected failures.


7. Workplace safety becomes a priority

One of the top safety themes in CMMS trends expected in 2022 is improving collaboration and communication between operations, maintenance, and security departments. 

Using cooperation solutions instead of stand-alone software can improve data sharing. 

This data helps improve safety and compliance and forms a workplace with high safety factors.

CMMS Software Trends You Should Look for in 2023

These are just some CMMS trends the market will likely experience in 2023. We expect customisation, flexibility and innovation will differentiate CMMS companies in the future. The evolution of CMMS technology will improve daily operations and asset performance management. CMMS will make asset management more accessible and more efficient for users. 

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