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CMMS software cost depends on several factors, including the features offered by the chosen package and the number of users.

There are several CMMS examples; each has its advantages and cost.

Key Smart App is one of the best CMMS examples, providing integrated features at the lowest price.

CMMS software cost may vary according to the type of pricing plan.  There are several plans. You can choose what suits you best.

This blog discusses the CMMS software cost, benefits, additional charges to consider and some helpful tips for making the best decision while choosing your CMMS software.


CMMS Software average Cost and Pricing Plans

Average CMMS software cost varies by the number of employees using the system and its features. 

CMMS providers charge a base fee for their software and an additional per-user fee. Some providers include training in the purchase price, while others charge additional fees for training.

You can buy commercial CMMS software packages for $750 to $1,000 per year, but they can’t be customised to your business needs. 

Enterprise Asset Management Systems for large organisations can cost tens of thousands annually.


Pricing plans for most CMMS software in the market


Per user & per month subscription plan: 

This pricing plan is for small businesses with a small number of users. 

Basic view-only features costs start at $5 / per user / per month and may be about $50 to 70$ / per user / per month for full administrative access with analytics and reports.


Per month-only subscription plan: 

Large businesses with many users can reduce CMMS software cost by choosing a Per-month plan.

Providers usually specify a maximum number of users and a level of functionality and features. However, there are available plans with an unlimited number of users. 

CMMS software cost for a “Per Month Subscription” usually ranges from $120 to $350.

The package can limit the number of sites and users, access to certain features, and more. 


Perpetual licensing fee: 

Companies that want extensive customisation and more features of CMMS software can pay a one-time perpetual license fee. 

This plan allows companies access to unlimited numbers of users and workstations. 

Lifetime license fees are much higher than monthly or annual subscriptions. 

It is paid one lump sum during implementation, but purchasing usually doesn’t include future software upgrades.

CMMS software cost for a “Perpetual license”  varies from one provider to another and also depends on the required features.


Additional Costs to Consider

It would be best to consider additional costs beyond subscription or license fees to calculate your budget when looking for CMMS software cost. These additional costs include the following:



Implementation costs vary by provider and CMMS software type (cloud or on-premises). 

Implementation costs include consulting, hardware installation, customisation, data migration, and integration with other software, such as EAM or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.



Customer support is usually included in your subscription plan. However, some providers may require additional fees to offer dedicated customer service.



CMMS software often requires upgrades and updates to improve maintenance and avoid previous errors in the system. 

For companies that purchase perpetual licenses, upgrades usually require an additional fee.



Most providers offer web-based training services for free, but your employees may need face-to-face training. 

This may require additional fees, or you can purchase a top-tier pricing plan.


Why is CMMS software necessary for your company?

To overcome competitors and reach the top, companies need a unique technology that facilitates tasks and increases productivity and profitability.

CMMS technology can manage companies’ maintenance activities, track work orders, manage inventory, and reduce downtime and costs.

Robust software solutions may be too expensive or too complex for small businesses. 

But CMMS software provides innovative tools at affordable prices and empowers your team to grow with your business. 

Furthermore, CMMS software will provide your company with the following benefits: 

  1. Errors are minimised, downtime is reduced, and safety is improved.
  2. Real-time communication between your teams to become self-sufficient problem solvers.
  3. Paper is gone forever. Your information is available in paperless digital data. 
  4. Preventative maintenance will help you prepare for emergency repairs that may lead to work stoppages or incompletion. CMMS can quickly reduce costs and improve profit margins.
  5. Improve compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Tips you should consider while selecting a CMMS software

It is important to consider functional and technical factors and support when choosing CMMS software. 

Your maintenance management software solution should meet all practical needs and more. 

Here are some tips to consider while selecting a CMMS:

  1. Features are essential, but their value is nothing if your team doesn’t know how to use them. So, purchasing a plan including training and support is best to get the most out of your CMMS. 
  2. Complex solutions require dedicated staff to monitor and maintain them. Make sure the solution fits your company’s internal capabilities.
  3. Supporting features are important, but consider how you can integrate your entire business into one digital workflow.


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To summarise, it can be said that:

  • CMMS software cost varies from one provider to another and also depends on the number of users and the features of each package.
  • Oracle software provides the best features at the lowest subscription price.
  • Companies with many employees can reduce the CMMS software cost by choosing a monthly plan that allows a greater number of users at a low price.
  • There is an additional cost for server implementation and support, as well as for staff training.
  • Lifetime plans may be an ideal solution for large companies to reduce the monthly cost.


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