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CMMS software is an advanced technology that helps centralise maintenance data and manage maintenance activities for a vast industry facility’s maintenance operation. It is made according to customers’ requirements and delivered through various platforms.  But what are the essential CMMS requirements that the platforms should offer?

Top CMMS Features & Functions For 2023

What are the primary benefits of CMMS software?

The maintenance reports said that more than 60% of team workers use CMMS software to track their maintenance program. 

Before we know about the critical CMMS requirements, we should know some benefits that CMMS software provides. The benefits include:


Set Up and Track Maintenance

A good CMMS will help your team workers schedule preventative maintenance inspections and obligations so that minor faults can be caught before they become big problems that drain your organisation’s budget. 

A little preventive maintenance from CMMS software can help avoid getting stuck in an expensive engine.


Control Costs and Inventory

Set up a CMMS software to manage your MRO inventory and never worry about missing critical parts. 

Because you always know what you have on hand, you also know when to reduce or increase your budget.


Organise Data and Make The Perfect Decision

CMMS software allows you to manage the present while planning for the future. 

It can collect the most reliable data and turn them into meaningful decisions for operations. 

You can proactively make your maintenance easier and trustable because you can trust your data from CMMS software.


Knowledge Transfer

Media, documents, data, and repair manuals that capture maintenance procedures can be stored in the CMMS software database, linked to the appropriate assets, and easily transferred. 

Acquiring and maintaining this knowledge creates consistent procedures and workflows. 

It also retains this knowledge that can be handed over to new technicians to benefit from this previous valuable data and expertise.


What should you look for in the most Requested CMMS Features and Functions

in CMMS maintenance software, and what are the most wanted solutions from CMMS software? 


Critical features of CMMS software are ordered according to CMMS maintenance surveys.

  • Work Orders.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Asset management.
  • Inventory.
  • System Security.
  • Full-feature Reporting.
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Mobile Access.
  • Full Work Order Visibility.
  • Automation.


CMMS Software Requirements

While features are constantly innovating and changing, the core CMMS requirements developed 25 years ago remain the essential backbone of CMMS software. 

But there is enormous growth in CMMS requirements for developing software suitable for specific industries.

Today, maintenance management software is necessary and valuable to any industry that relies on facilities and critical equipment to deliver core products. 

However, to ensure you will get software with all the CMMS requirements your business needs, we will show you a list of the essential CMMS requirements to help you with your CMMS selection process.


1. Asset Control and Management

In addition to pure work order management, CMMS acts as a maintenance database. 

It stores everything about your business, from asset and equipment information such as documents, images, warranty information, serial numbers, and installation.

The Organization process of those data no longer has to be manual. It all is saved by computerised mechanisms. It will be easy and effective when you need to find critical operations and maintenance. 

All asset management-related information can be accessed through the system through various interfaces such as interactive floor plans for accurate asset mapping, standard grid format, or calendar interface.


2- Inventory Management

Similar to asset and equipment management, inventory management helps businesses organise and track their data. 

Inventory management is essential when managing large maintenance jobs involving a large number of equipment to save and control a large amount of data which is very difficult to be protected manually or humanely.


3- Vendor Management

First, every organisation has particular maintenance tasks that third-party service providers must perform. Maintenance records will only succeed with tracking and managing their work.

A good CMMS software helps maximise cost-effectiveness and reduce the chance of spending money in the wrong way not suitable for your outsourcing strategy.


4- Materials Management

Materials management can handle many specific CMMS requirements. Whether you’re tracking external or internal materials or monitoring hazardous substances, CMMS requirements will do that very effectively. 

You can also use custom fields to categorise items and organise everything in the system according to your needs and strategies without navigating to a new program.

While depending on CMMS software to save directly to your data, you never have to worry about losing records and can navigate fewer systems and screens. Materials control is one of the essential CMMS requirements.


5- Sensor Integration

CMMS mobile capabilities have grown significantly over the last few years. Mobile started as a revolutionary new feature in CMMS and has become a common feature of all maintenance systems. 

A maintenance technician, in particular, can benefit from his mobile app by accessing work orders, checking tasks, and entering project totals while in the field.


How to find the correct CMMS requirements for your business?

We will save time searching for the best CMMS software for your business and provide some tips to help you find it:

  • Identify the critical problem you and your team work need to find a solution with CMMS software.
  • Make a list of the features and functions you must have or just like to have in CMMS software.
  • Check some reviews on CMMS review sites.
  • Test some CMMS software.
  • Try and review the top CMMS software you have found suitable for your CMMS requirements.



The best CMMS systems are constantly evolving and adding new features to keep up with current trends. However, the basic functionality of work order management, preventive maintenance, and asset and equipment management remains consistent. Differences come from advanced features, a more user-friendly maintenance system aesthetic, and a web-based deployment method.

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