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CMMS software is indispensable for any company seeking to manage its tasks professionally and efficiently. When searching, you will find many CMMS examples that you can use. 

But before choosing a system, you must first know the function and disadvantages of each one; To be able to select the optimal software that can serve the interests of your company and meet all its needs.

This article thoroughly discusses all CMMS examples and explains the Key Smart App advantages, which is your ideal choice to maximise your equipment’s life and uptime while improving their maintenance processes’ efficiency.


CMMS – The magic solution to optimally organise your company’s maintenance management

CMMS is an automated software harnessing advanced technology to organise maintenance data and streamline operations. 

Most CMMS examples help you track and access work assets such as machines, communications, industrial infrastructure, etc.

CMMS is widely used in industries dealing with physical infrastructure, including manufacturing, retail, oil and gas exploration, power and generation, construction, and transportation. 

CMMS helps maintenance teams make the right decisions, such as detecting the machine that needs maintenance and the necessary parts for repair.

CMMS database can contain information about the maintenance activities of any industry, which facilitates maintenance tasks, enabling maintenance teams to do their work more effectively.


The top CMMS examples in 2022

In 2022, many CMMS examples can serve your company. These are the most important examples and the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Key Smart App

Key Smart App is an intelligent maintenance management solution that enables maintenance teams to perform at their best, collaborate in real-time, and gain end-to-end visibility of projects within a secure, cloud-based platform. 

Equipped with advanced technology, Key Smart App is superior to other CMMS examples, enables predictive maintenance, and improves reliability and uptime while reducing overall costs. 

Predictive maintenance CMMS gives users a 360-degree view of the asset lifecycle and easy access to data that helps them make informed decisions about assets. 

This helps maximise asset utilisation, ensure operational stability, and maintain productive uptime.

Key Smart App provides users with the best value of the CMMS system for the lowest and cheapest price. 

Key Smart App provides its users with several indispensable features to help them complete all their work tasks to the fullest, including:

  1. Tremendous productivity and profitability enhancer for your team. 
  2. User-friendly and very customisable to your needs.
  3. It also allows going paperless!
  4. Key Smart App features many reporting tools to extract data into a unique presentation format.
  5. The ability to quickly process and manage work orders and the invoice approval, submission and payment process more effectively. 
  6. You can efficiently make your custom reports and analyse data.
  7. Key Smart App is very efficient with calendars and dates too.
  8. Key Smart App software works efficiently with other software, transferring important information for tenants and applicants.
  9. All the navigation controls are visible, accessible, and clear.
  10. Easy to understand and use.  
  11. Excellent customer service.



Wrike is one of the General CMMS examples whose components include labour management, asset registration, work order management, preventative maintenance, material and inventory management, reporting, analysis, and auditing. 

Wrike can be used by marketing professionals, project managers, and services and product development teams.

Wrike system lacks many of the necessary features. Most users suffer from the following:

  1. unclear warning notifications
  2. Data management inconsistency.
  3. The system dashboard and layers are not easily accessible
  4. Complex Integration with other systems.
  5. Time-consuming to update projects.
  6. Very poor customer service.
  7. No refunds.
  8. The solution is inconsistent at the UI level.
  9. The massive increase in renewal price.



eMaint CMMS is used for managing predictive maintenance and inventory items, providing an opportunity to reduce downtime and streamline maintenance processes.

Unfortunately, eMaint software has drawbacks, which include:

  1. Inventory tracking is complex.
  2. Purchase requisitions need multiple advanced degrees.
  3. eMaint was developed with an old programming language.
  4. Customisation has a stiff learning curve.
  5. No way to record multiple readings for performing calibrations.
  6. Reports are hard and confusing to set up. 



Like most CMMS examples, Fiix offers maintenance management features that help control costs and improve response times. 

It is a cloud-based maintenance management software for small businesses. 

On the other hand, Fiix has some negatives, including:

  1. No free additional features or updates. 
  2. Customisation and upgrade are costly to implement.
  3. The reporting, PO options, and set-up of work orders are not user-friendly.
  4. The limited accessibility of the internet.
  5. Lack of integrations with suppliers, such as McMaster Carr and Amazon Business.
  6. Report generation needs a knowledgeable person.



Corrigois is one of the CMMS examples that seeks to put your facility management entities in control and enables more intelligent decision-making. 

The system leverages work order network capabilities to manage assets and inventory and accelerate workflow. 

Corrigo CMMS has several drawbacks, including: 

  1. Inability to approve Vendor Quotes using the mobile app.
  2. Projects need more time to be completed.
  3. Lack of knowledgeable staff members. 
  4. No tech notes or documents are created when customising the programs.
  5. Back end design is a bit complicated.
  6. Creating reports is clunky and not necessary.
  7. Limitations with the integrations to 3rd party software.



ManagerPlus enables organisations to track and access data about assets in the cloud and manage assets regardless of location. 

Besides asset management, it includes maintenance, MRO inventory, procurement, and engineering functions. 

ManagerPlus system lacks many necessities that most other CMMS examples have, including:

  1. Inventory and work orders take a long time. 
  2. Reports are difficult to create and or customise.
  3. Inability to link existing WOs to PO.
  4. Printing the Bar and the QR code on the label isn’t great.
  5. Too many interruptions.
  6. Not compatible with Mac.
  7. Database backup is overly complicated.
  8. Inability to save Contacts & Vendors in the system in the Small Business package.


There are many CMMS examples on the market that you can rely on. Each software provides effective services and has several drawbacks as well. Key Smart App is your ideal choice when looking for CMMS software that offers the best value for your money and manages your maintenance effectively! It is one of the best CMMS examples that provides its users with many necessary features that help them to do their tasks optimally.

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