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Building Maintenance

Building maintenance involves various tasks depending on a specific business or organization. It covers a large number of works that ensure that facilities or buildings remain functional and comfortable for the user.

Maintenance of the building includes cleaning the common areas, regular removal of garbage, and repair of broken items. It may include the control, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems, heating, and air conditioning systems, and other practical services.

In some cases, building maintenance extends to outdoor properties and also includes sprinkler management, lawn maintenance, and landscape management.

Types of Building Maintenance

Most buildings get ruined in three categories:

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance works prevent building damage and maintain structural integrity. They increase the durability of the building. The prime minister also includes sustainable measures that will withstand storms, floods, and other disasters during the design and construction of buildings.

Corrective Maintenance

These are activities aimed at restoring the functionality and comfort of the building. Managers need to develop corrective maintenance strategies because it is impossible to completely prevent damage and corruption. In addition, corrective maintenance ensures that everything works as quickly as possible.

Routine Maintenance

These are regular preventive maintenance works to protect the building from decay and maintain its function. Regular maintenance tasks can be performed daily, weekly, or on a regular maintenance schedule. These include cleaning, Decontamination, lubrication of hinges, inspection of auxiliary systems, repainting, and sorting.

Types of building maintenance workers


These people usually do the cleaning of buildings and facilities. This includes wiping the floor, cleaning the carpet, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the windows and glass doors.

Maintenance Technicians 

These team members carry out the inspection, repair, and maintenance of building systems including HVAC, electricity, and water. Tasks are usually assigned with a work order, and maintenance workers report to the supervisor who oversees the task.

Maintenance Supervisors

Supervisors plan, assign, and manage a team of maintenance workers for a specific shift. They review the incoming work instructions, as well as short-term and long-term goals, to prioritize daily or weekly maintenance department work. The care supervisor also handles staffing issues such as interviewing, hiring, and training with care workers.

Benefits of building maintenance

Cost savings

Postponing regular building maintenance to reduce costs is short-sighted. Planning a budget for regular long-term care is much easier than the cost of unmanaged deterioration.  It also costs much more than emergency repairs. There are many strategies that can help you plan ahead to protect building maintenance costs. Here are just a few of them:

Use CMMs to monitor the asset lifecycle and receive alerts when the machine is nearing the end of its service life. 

Plan preventive maintenance tasks and set up a system for accountability so that they don’t go unnoticed.

By automating activities such as preventive maintenance planning and procurement workflows, you can increase productivity and save money.

Check the passage of energy efficiency, such as drafts and leaks. 

Manage the inventory of assets and parts to measure usage and identify assets with high energy and maintenance costs.


Neglected buildings are accidents waiting to happen. It is likely that the reinforced concrete structural support was damaged due to unsupported deterioration due to water exposure. When the tower collapsed, 98 people were killed, 11 people were injured, and the resulting property damage amounted to almost 110 billion. 

When the necessary care is withdrawn, the consequences can be tragic. With regular building maintenance, you can improve the safety of your facility and easily avoid costly or tragic incidents.


The industry’s knowledge of building safety and maintenance best practices will improve over time. Regular maintenance according to strict standards helps the government to ensure the safety of building residents. 

Regular building maintenance is essential to ensure compliance with constantly changing building and safety codes, as well as state and federal regulations. It is also important to minimize liability and legal risk for the organization.

Improving the functionality of the building

As with any machine, the building will deteriorate without regular maintenance and repair. When a system in your building fails – whether it’s a utility or part of the building infrastructure – it becomes less available. 

Regular maintenance provides visibility into new problems and provides early intervention. It also ensures that components are less likely to malfunction, causing interruptions and outages.

How to reduce costs and improve building maintenance

Here are some steps you need to use now to start saving money and see a big improvement:

Find the right partners

It is important to interview multiple vendors to find the one that suits your business and budget. Do not be afraid to negotiate prices (such as glass rates) with both tenants and contractors.

The CMMS solution also helps with vendor management. Many of them have a list of users so that they can receive work instructions through the application, which allows you to track the progress of their work.

Automate maintenance work with software 

CMMS software helps you automate job assignments and work order management. By synchronizing work Decrees across all devices and team members, you can save valuable time (and therefore money) previously spent on manual communication. 

Using CMMs with a robust mobile CMMS application means better organization, communication, accountability, and productivity.

Reduce energy costs

Another way to save money and become more efficient is to take advantage of strategies that reduce energy consumption. Here are some things to consider to become more energy efficient:

  • Appoint an energy director and create an energy team responsible for the design and implementation of energy policy
  • Application of Building Energy Management System
  • Prioritize energy efficiency when purchasing new assets or equipment
  • Carry out regular maintenance to keep the asset in the highest working condition
  • Using intelligent, automated building technology

The Use Of Key Smart CMMS in Building Maintenance

Property owners and managers rely on building maintenance services to ensure the functionality, comfort, and safety of their residents. This includes tasks such as cleaning, painting, and building system repair. The janitor performs regular maintenance tasks, and the maintenance technician oversees professional maintenance activities. Key Smart CMMS specializes in maintenance inspectors for property management software to assign and monitor building maintenance activities.

What is the challenge in maintenance building?

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There are no systems

The second factor is the absence of a system. Even if every provider uses software and has a good internal organization, there are rarely systems that centralize all information. For this reason, managers need to keep track of what each provider is doing, get up-to-date information, get an idea of pending jobs, and get cross-reference data. The second factor is the absence of a system. Even if every provider uses software and has a good internal organization, there are rarely systems that centralize all information. For this reason, it is important for managers to keep track of what each provider is doing, get up-to-date information, get an idea of pending jobs, and get cross-reference data. 

Lack of personnel

The first factor in the lack of control is the lack of personnel. Facility management departments are usually understaffed. Servicing basic work Machine maintenance is a priority, but everything else is considered a “cost”. As a result, companies lack people who are focused on collecting, analyzing, and auditing data to help them manage their facilities and protect their buildings.

Lack of processes

Finally, the process will fail. That is, even if there is FM recognition and there is a system for entering data, there is no well-defined operation. For example, there may not be a well-defined collection point. Or the team does not always record the beginning and end of work orders. The result is unreliable information that is out of date in most cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is a building maintenance plan?

Firstly, a good building maintenance plan is a comprehensive document that outlines the actions and procedures required to ensure the proper operation, safety, and longevity of the building and its systems.

why building maintenance is important?

With regular maintenance, the function of the building is consistent.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep the building and its assets in good working condition. Neglecting to inspect and repair them can lead to rapid deterioration, neglected weaknesses, and eventual failures that can cause major disruptions.

what does a building maintenance technician do?

With regular maintenance, the function of the building is consistent.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep the building and its assets in good working condition. Neglecting to inspect and repair them can lead to rapid deterioration, neglected weaknesses, and eventual failures that can cause major disruptions.

What is a building maintenance job description?

Installation of window frames, sashes, curtains, door frames, doors, curtains, siding, floors, roofs, insulation vinyl and ceramic tiles, exterior coatings, and coatings. Dig trenches, do wiring, install switches and cutters, pipes, and pipes. Installation of pipes, pumps, valves, controls, and pump drains.

What is building maintenance operation?

Another name is Facility operations and maintenance, which covers the activities, processes, and workflows that you deploy to keep your operations running, including the maintenance of building structures. Management of building systems such as electricity, plumbing, HVAC, and security.

What is the goal of building maintenance?

By conducting regular inspections and addressing problems quickly, you can identify potential hazards and reduce them before they pose a threat. This proactive approach to maintenance helps to create a safe environment for everyone in the building and prevents accidents, injuries, and property damage.

What is routine maintenance on a building?

Examples of regular maintenance include inspecting, cleaning, and replacing parts to make sure everything is working properly. This maintenance can help prevent costly breakdowns and reduce the likelihood of accidents or malfunctions. Some standard routine maintenance includes regular inspection or landscaping.

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